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Institute of Technology and Research in Ophthalmology (ITRO) was created nearly two decades ago by Prof. Jonescu-Cuypers, in order to serve practitioners and scientists in ophthalmology as a common international platform for interactions within this field of activity. This platform was so far extensively used, even if only accessible to few people, in order to coordinate numerous smaller as well as larger projects. Among them belonged not only studies, but also text book projects and software developments. Due to that variety and the increasing specialization, it became unavoidable to further divide the individual areas, which thus continue working separately and independently as laboratories. This web presentation is the logical result of this development, so that on a long-term basis not only scientists and particularly interested people will be granted access to this organization, but also patients, hoping to make available interactively progress and upcoming ideas to a broader public. The web pages will naturally be subject to a constant actualization. We would be pleased about any improvement suggestions from visitors of this web, which may be sent by email.

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